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What is Clubbercise

Darkened room with disco lights

Easy to flow choreography

Burn 600 calories in 1 class

What We Offer

About Clubbercise®

Clubbercise Is More Than Just A Dance Class – The Cleverly Integrated Cardio, Toning, Combat And Plyometric Moves Increase The Fitness Benefits And Keep Participants Coming Back For More.


Classes are held in various locations across the Northern Beaches.


A fun mix of easy to follow dance, aerobics and combat moves to ensure every muscle is worked and toned.


A mix of 90's classics up to the very latest floorfillers.

full body workouts that leave you energized

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18 Reasons Why Clubbercise is better than a night out

  1. You work out in the dark, which means you really can get away with dancing like no-one’s watching – because no-one is watching. It also means no-one can see if you go wrong, miss a move or make a mistake.
  2. You don’t have to spend ages agonising over what to wear – it’s neon gym gear all the way. And no awkward heels to stagger about it in, so no blisters. Result.
  3. Ditto for the make-up – just a few dabs of glow in the dark war paint and you’re good to go.
  4. Worried you can’t dance, or haven’t got the right moves? No fear – you just copy your instructor.
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What our customers say

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That was mega fun! Looking forward to more
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Holly has so much energy and clubbercise is alot of fun, the dark room definitely gives me more confidence to really get into it and my coordination improves every time
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I just LOVE IT! I feel so energised afterwards
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clubbercise is bloody awesome