Class Pricing

Bronze - 1 session/week
Silver - 2 sessions/week
Gold - 3 sessions/week
Unlimited Sessions


A true hit session where you can feel the fat melting off your body! With non-low impact options, no matter what your fitness level this will push you. Designed by a marine but easily adapted for every body type to enjoy and get all the amazing benefits. The military inspired exercises are all body weight, not a great deal of co-ordination is needed and no pacing required. You just go for it.


This is a strength and power session, so a terrific compliment to the MetaFIT training. You can expect body weight exercises, sand bags, battling ropes, kettlebells, sleds, slam balls just to name a few. Again, this is suitable for all fitness levels and will help sculpt out that body that you desire.


Take your workouts to the next level with the MetaPRO series. We use the same principals as MetaFIT and increase the intensity by incorporating some basic running drills. We have had clients participate in 5-15km fun runs using this training method alone and never running more than 20m at a time during training!


Boxing engages all your muscle groups for a total body workout. Increase your cardio fitness, co-ordination, lean muscle and core strength, while decreasing stress, anxiety and depression. There are always a tonne of laughs and smiles for days after these sessions.

Strength & Conditioning

Strong is sexy! Learn the safe and correct technique to lifting for strength and muscle growth and at the same time an understanding of  how to prevent injury from poor lifting form.  Muscle eats fat for breakfast!